The TV industry needs you!

Breaking down barriers, championing the underrepresented, nurturing fresh talent. That's what we're all about on the Channel 4 Production Training Scheme. Begin your career in the TV industry on our next cohort, the Paralympics Production Training Scheme, a 12 month paid opportunity.

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Go for gold with the Paralympics

You can apply* to be on the next cohort of the Production Training Scheme working across a range of genres including sport, factual programming, factual entertainment and entertainment.

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*In our mission for representation, this cohort is open exclusively to disabled people. If you would like more information on this, please visit our FAQ's.

Championing the underrepresented

Turn your passion, into your career

The Channel 4 Production Training Scheme is specially tailored for entry level talent.

You might have just completed your degree, perhaps you've had a bit of work experience in the industry, or maybe you've no experience in it at all! For this programme that's absolutely perfect. We're all about generating new, raw, underrepresented talent for the TV industry.

The Production Training Scheme is a year long, fully paid, training opportunity to learn from some of the best the UK TV industry has to offer.

Begin your career in TV Production and apply now

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Championing the underrepresented
Altogether Different

Championing the underrepresented

At Channel 4 we passionately believe that as a nation we are Altogether Different. We're determined to have more equal representation of disabilities, ethnicities and backgrounds both in front of, and behind the camera.

We believe through representation we can make a difference, and we want you to be part of that.

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Boot Camp

Get production-fit at TV boot camp

To kick off the programme, you'll spend 1 week in TV Boot Camp - but don't worry, we wont have you running up mountains SAS-style.

You'll be in the classroom with our training partner thinkBIGGER! who will give you an introduction to the scheme, and go through what you can expect from the next 12 months.

This week will set you up for success for the scheme and give your career in TV the kick start it needs!

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Boot Camp - Get production-fit at TV boot camp
In The Real World - On the job training
In The Real World

On the job training

Once TV Boot Camp is complete, then the real work starts! You'll join an Independent Production Company as you learn your trade from the experts.

But don't worry, we wont leave you high and dry! thinkBIGGER! will be there to check in every month either in person or virtually, to see how you're getting on and to provide extra training to support your blossoming career.

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Production Coordinator or Researcher, which will it be?
Pick Your Path

Production Coordinator or Researcher, which will it be?

Are you a natural organiser and great at logistics? Then Production sounds like it's for you. Or are you more inquisitive with a great eye for detail? Then you'd make a great Researcher! On the Paralympics Production Training Scheme, you can pick the right pathway for you, with companies across entertainment, factual, factual entertainment and sport, you can find the role that's best suited to your skill set and interests.

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Taking part in the Production Training Scheme has given me a sense of belonging and purpose and allowed me to get over some of my fears. I couldn’t go to a shop alone prior to the scheme but the opportunity has given me enough confidence to be independent, travel around the world, turn into a social butterfly and now begin work mentoring new entrants as they kick start their own journey. It has proven that being neurodivergent is no barrier to my career.

Danielle - Former Paralympics Production Training Scheme Trainee

Earn while you learn

Learn from the very best the UK TV industry has to offer, all whilst earning a salary

Getting your start in the industry when you've got no experience and need to earn a living can be really hard - and we know this impacts the diversity of the UK Production industry. That's why all of our trainees recieve invaluable training and get paid for the duration of this 1 year scheme.

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So lets recap..

  • Gain experience in the TV industry
  • Learn from the best the UK has to offer
  • Get paid for the duration of the course


Yes, the scheme is a full-time paid position for 12 months. If you are based outside of London, your salary will be £22,000 per year. If you're based in London, your salary will be £24,000 per year (this is slightly higher due to London weighting).
This is an entry level role, experience in this field or a relevant degree is not required. We are looking for people who have a clear and demonstratable passion for Television Production, with no more than 3 months of industry experience.
Opportunities are available in Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Chepstow, Glasgow, Leeds, London and Manchester. As a trainee you will be based at the location of the independent production company to which you have applied to.
On the Paralympics Production Training Scheme you will not be working directly for Channel 4 (unless you apply to the role at 4creative). If successful, you will receive a contract of employment from the company you have applied to and you will have regular contact with thinkBIGGER! who deliver your monthly training. The team will also be on hand for any support.
The scheme starts on 18th September 2023. Your first week will be in a classroom environment for TV Boot Camp training delivered by thinkBIGGER!
Applications are currently open for the Paralympics cohort and are scheduled to close on Monday 29th May 2023. Please note we may extend the deadline for some roles if required.

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