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Two different roles available, each requiring a unique set of skills

The TV industry is a combination of thousands of different job types, all with their own unique set of skills that make it the vibrant place it is. On the Production Training Scheme we're looking for Trainee Researchers and Trainee Production Coordinators to become a part of the industry across entertainment, factual, factual entertainment and sport content. We have many different roles to choose from, but we would advise applying to no more than two roles, so choose wisely!

There's two very important decisions you need to make

Which will it be?

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This cohort is a unique one, with opportunities to work alongside the teams creating the Paralympics 2024 coverage. But maybe sport isn't for you? And that's no problem at all! We’ve got opportunities in entertainment, factual, factual entertainment and sport, so you’ll be sure to find an independent production company that suits your interests.

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Researcher or Production Coordinator

Choose your role

On the Production Training Scheme there are two different roles you can choose from. Both have their own unique skill requirements, and will see you take on different responsibilities. Choosing the right opportunity for you is really important, so take a look and see which you think would be your best match.

Option 1

Trainee Researcher

Being a researcher in the TV industry requires you to watch a lot of TV... reckon you could handle it?!

But it's not all play and no work, you're watching with a purpose! To be a great researcher you need to be highly observant, able to spot tiny details and use your creative eye to solve problems.

You could be a great Researcher if....
  • You have a curiosity about the world and people
  • You enjoy collecting knowledge on new subjects
  • You have a real tenacity to get the job done
  • You're excited to build a career in TV and Digital Content production

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Option 2

Trainee Production Coordinator

This job is made for someone who loves a plan, looking after the logistics of making TV.

This is perfect for someone who is a natural organiser, thriving off ensuring the smooth running of a project and working to a schedule - but with the ability to be adaptable! Things don't always go according to schedule.

You could be a great Researcher if....
  • You're a natural organiser, with great time management skills
  • You can work across different projects as the same time
  • You can work well in a pressurised environment
  • You're excited to build a career in Production management

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Paralympics Production Training Scheme Q&A Webinar

Would you like our advice on how to make a great application?

Before you apply, watch our recorded Q&A webinar to hear from Channel 4, thinkBIGGER! and former trainees of the scheme to learn more about the Paralympics Production Training Scheme. We reveal key application dates, go into detail about the role of a Researcher and Production Coordinator, provide advice on making your application and answer our most frequently asked questions about the Production Training Scheme.

*There is a BSL interpreter and captions for the duration of the webinar.

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Yes, the scheme is a full-time paid position for 12 months. If you are based outside of London, your salary will be £22,000 per year. If you're based in London, your salary will be £24,000 per year (this is slightly higher due to London weighting).
This is an entry level role, experience in this field or a relevant degree is not required. We are looking for people who have a clear and demonstratable passion for Television Production, with no more than 3 months of industry experience.
Opportunities are available in Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Chepstow, Glasgow, Leeds, London and Manchester. As a trainee you will be based at the location of the independent production company to which you have applied to.
On the Paralympics Production Training Scheme you will not be working directly for Channel 4 (unless you apply to the role at 4creative). If successful, you will receive a contract of employment from the company you have applied to and you will have regular contact with thinkBIGGER! who deliver your monthly training. The team will also be on hand for any support.
The scheme starts on 18th September 2023. Your first week will be in a classroom environment for TV Boot Camp training delivered by thinkBIGGER!
Applications are currently open for the Paralympics cohort and are scheduled to close on Monday 29th May 2023. Please note we may extend the deadline for some roles if required.

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